Voice Broadcast

Learn how to use our Voice Broadcasting

What is Voice Broadcasting?

A cost-effective way to reach out to more people in less time. It can be used to send alerts, promotions, updates and notify the customers and employees.

Voice Broadcasting Features:

  • Send customised test to speech messages
  • Send messages instantly
  • Customised answer machine messages
  • Schedule messages for your clients

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Example usage for Voice Broadcasting:

  • Alerts - Send notifications to your customers to make them aware of any important changes to their accounts or to advise your employees of any relevant changes.
  • Reminders - Remind your customers or employees of any upcoming appointments that have been confirmed, rescheduled or cancelled.
  • Surveys - A brilliant way to gather valuable data for your customer databas and gain feedback about your provided service or product.
  • Promotional Material - Send out personalised notifications to keep your customers aware of your latest promotions.