Fibre Optic

When it comes to Fibre, there are now a few more options available. As BT has been rolling out Fibre to the cabinet, Virgin is no longer the only player in this market. So a couple of options are available:

Fibre to the Cabinet

Fibre to the Cabinet uses fibre optic cabling which runs from the telephone exchange to the street cabinet and then connects to a traditional BT copper phone line from the street cabinet to the customer’s premises. Fibre optic cables are more resilient and the signals travel much faster over longer distances allowing far greater broadband speeds than traditional ADSL services.

Leased Fibre line

A Leased Fibre connection gets you a high speed business internet connection and access to all of its’ bandwidth (100 Mbit/s or 1 Gbit/s). with a managed service.

Benefits of FTTC

Fibre optic broadband is currently being rolled out across the UK and so not all telephone exchanges have yet been enabled.

  • Superfast speeds – up to 80Mbps download and 20Mbps upload.
  • Easy to upgrade to FTTC – once approved, the switchover will only take around 14 days.
  • Quick installation – an engineer will attend site to install a fibre modem and the router provided by 21C will come preconfigured for a plug-and-play set-up.
  • Stream media effortlessly – no need to worry about buffering.
  • Working from home – employees are able to quickly access files stored on the company servers.
  • Expand your business – add more users without affecting the broadband speed.
  • Technical Support – feel safe in the knowledge that our broadband team are always on hand to help with any problems which may occur with your fibre service.

A flexible network

Unconstrained bandwidth on a 100 Mbit/s or 1 Gbit/s bearer, allowing you complete freedom and flexibility with internet usage.

A symmetrical and uncontended connection which means you have access to the same amount of bandwidth both in and out of your network and you wont be sharing it with others.

A service delivered on our accredited next generation Ethernet network, ensuring great performance and reliability. A Business class SLA with 24/7 support, so you know you're in safe hands.

Take the hassle out of managing it

  • Managed Router – if you don’t have the necessary skills to configure and manage your Router 24x7, then we can do it for you.
  • Resilience - if the thought of a service outage fills you with fear, our resilient solutions will keep you online, all the time.
  • Security - an unsecure internet connection can present a real threat to your business. Let us help you safeguard your business with our range of Managed Security Services.