EFM (Ethernet First Mile)

Ethernet First Mile

EFM is an affordable way to improve your connectivity, and with ours you’ll be getting the best value for money in the market. It delivers faster speeds than broadband, SDSL, leased line and low-end Ethernet and avoids many of the high excess construction charges that might come from installing traditional fibre. Choose from up to 10 or 30 Mbps delivered across multiple copper pairs, meaning in the unlikely event of one copper pair failing, there is an automatic fail-safe without service interruption.

By prioritising business traffic over residential, we provide you with the bandwidth needed to maintain business continuity.

What is EFM?

Ethernet First Mile is a private, dedicated circuit which uses multiple copper pairs to deliver a robust, high-speed service to customers. It is very similar to a leased line but by using copper instead of fibre, it is a more cost effective option.

EFM circuits are able to deliver symmetrical download and upload speeds from 2Mbps to 35Mbps. They come with a 99.9% SLA and a 6 hour resolution time, making EFM an ideal solution for businesses that heavily rely on data connectivity to run their day-to-day operations, such as call centers or other data intensive businesses.

As EFM uses multiple copper pairs to deliver the service, the circuits are highly reliable and resilient – if one of the copper pairs was to fail, the customer would only see a slight drop in bandwidth and not a total loss of connectivity.

EFM delivers uncontended, guaranteed bandwidth to the customer, ensuring far greater data throughput and high-speed internet access than traditional ADSL broadband services are able to offer.

EFM Overview

  • Download and Upload speeds of up to 35Mbps
  • Dedicated private line
  • Cost effective - lower than leased lines
  • 99.99% SLA - extremely high level of connectivity
  • Symmetrical download and upload speeds
  • 24/7 support with a 6 hour SLA