ADSL Annex M

Our ADSL Annex M

ADSL Annex M business broadband from Blue Telecoms is designed for companies that require a higher upstream bandwidth compared to ADSL 2+. ADSL Annex M changes the profile of the circuit reducing the downstream slightly in order to provide up to double the upstream compared to ADSL 2+. ADSL Annex M is rate adaptive and so will provide the best possible speed that your telephone line will support up to a maximum downstream of 20Mb and upstream of 2.5Mb.

ADSL Annex M broadband is a cost effective Internet circuit allowing you to download and send data effectively within a range of applications giving you both reliability and business grade performance.

For companies needing to send time critical data, such as voice over IP, the Premium option provides a minimum data throughput of 1Mb as well as guarantees on latency, jitter and packet loss.

ADSL Annex M is best suited for higher volume business and time critical Internet usage. Where symmetrical or even higher bandwidth is required then Ethernet First Mile over copper or fibre may be more suitable – see our Ethernet First Mile information here.

ADSL Annex M - Where is it available?

ADSL Annex M is now available at most exchanges around the UK.
BT are also currently trialing Annex M on their BT 21CN next generation network.

ADSL Annex M2

Annex M provides a higher throughput than standard ADSL. Whereas the usual upload speed on a standard ADSL connection caps out at around 1Mbps, with Annex M, speeds of up to 2.5Mbps can be achieved.

This means it's great for real time services such as video streaming, or other applications like Voice over IP (VoIP)

Assured Data Throughput – Perfect for Real Time Applications

For real time applications, where there is a minimum bandwidth requirement, ADSL Annex M may now be ordered with a minimum data throughput of 1Mb and guarantees on latency, jitter and packet loss, subject to location and distance from exchange.

Generally, Annex M is priced higher than standard business broadband, so speak to us to see if your business could benefit from Annex M, or whether we can find another, more cost effective solution for your needs.